Hajj and Umrah Package USA – Hilal Hajj & UmrahHajj and Umrah Package USA – Hilal Hajj & Umrah
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Education of Hajj Process

Step by Step Hajj -- Part 1

Step by Step Hajj -- Part 2

Preparation Tips:

1. Prescription medication: amoxicillin or Zithromax
2. Over the counter medication: tylonel, pepto bismol, Sudafed, Chloraseptic spray, Vitamin C pills
3. Vaseline to apply to the inner thighs (very important)
4. Light material thobes and plastic slippers (can buy in Makkah/Medina) what kind are allowed?
5. Keep your Ihram towels in carry on not checked in luggage because it may get lost
6. Extra Ihram towels, safety pins, and Ihram Belt (can buy in Medina)
7. One credit card and ATM card for emergencies and small cash
8. Hajj guide (should be given to you at airport)
9. Unscented baby wipes and hand sanitizer (have one pack and buy the rest in madinah)
10. Grocery bags, ziploc bags, toilet paper (Can buy from there)
11. Gatorade packets to avoid dehydration
12. “Yoga mat” for muzdallifah (Can buy from here or Bin Dawood there)
13. Shoe bag but not necessarily for shoes (ask your group if theyre providing one)
14. Very thick socks for Tawaf outside of Ihram
15. Travel as light as possible and do not bring valuables with you!
16. Saudi sim card (Some groups provide them, process is more complicated now)
17. Don’t be a tourist/photographer
18. Make 2 copies of your passport. Keep one at home and one with someone in the United States.
19. Patience and Positive attitude! Things will not go 100% smooth in HAJJ no matter what package or group you are in!
20. Do not do what everybody else is doing at Hajj because much of it is wrong.