Hajj and Umrah Package USA – Hilal Hajj & UmrahHajj and Umrah Package USA – Hilal Hajj & Umrah
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Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Tuesday, August, 7, 2018

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Departure City: New York, Chicago, Houston

Madinah Dallah Taiyaba -MakkahSwiss Hotel – Apartment Building – Hajj

21 Days Departure 7th August 2018 and Return on 28th  August 2018

Arrive jeddah on  1st zulhajj stay 5 star hotelin front of harram upto 1st zulhajj

Fly to medinah stay in 4/5 star hotel from 1st zulhajj to 5th zulhajj-

Stay near jamarat building with open buffet and private coasters to harram

Vip arafat tents -upgrade tents in mina

Quad – $7,595 | Triple – $7,995   | Doubles – $8495


Round trip airfare (Additional airline charge will be added depending on the city of departure)
♦ Madinah (5 days) – Stay in a hotelDallahTaibah, or similar) 100m away from the Holy Mosque, (4 people / room) (2 meals Open Buffet daily)

♦ Makkah (4-5 days) – Stay in a 5-star hotel (Swiss Hotel or similar) in front Haram,
(4 people / room) (Breakfast Open Buffet daily) – (Dinner in Food Court)

♦ Residential Apartment (2 to 3 days) — (3 meals Open Buffet daily)

♦ Stay in UP GRADED Mina tents with Dry Wall and Freon A/C, Arafat in VIP tents (American Camps assigned by Hajj Ministry), (3 pre-packaged meals with refreshments- provided by Mutawwif office)

♦ Transportation – A/C buses and private coasters in Makkah while stay in Building

♦ Educational Program

♦ Visits to the Holy Sites


** Please note that these dates are based on Um AlQura university which is taking into account that Zul-Qida is 30 days. If the Lunar Calendar shifts, this could result in you leaving Mina on the 12th Zul-Hijjah instead of the 13th (You will be making Ta’ajul).

* Quad, Triples and double occupancy is in the hotels in Makkah & Madinah only and NOT in the apartment building.

* Building rooming is based on 4 and 5 in a room depending on the size of the room.

Package does not include: 1) Hajj Fees $350/-   2) Qurbani $ at mkt price 3) Courier fees $ 95/-

(if you have been to Hajj in the last 5 years an excesses fee of $ 550/- will be charged)

Dates are subject to change due change in Hijri dates and airline availability